All That Jazz – Maurice Kirya

by wamuyuk posted May 21, 2013 category Gigs and Events

Hey guys!!

It’s been a while since I posted anything new. My blog was down for a while last week due to a few technical hitches, but I’m back!!  This was my first blog post and in it I had thanked Mwangi Kirubi for his support and guidance since I picked up my first camera.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be here without him.

So about this blog post, earlier in the year, I got to go for the 10th edition of All That Jazz which featured Uganda’s Maurice Kirya alongside Eric Wainaina and Atemi Oyungu. To be honest I had never heard Maurice Kirya’s music before this gig. I am however a sucker for a great live gig and so I went and I was not disappointed. Not only can the man sing (and he can SING), but he is very easy on the eyes, as evidenced by the high-pitched screams from the female members of the audience. He is also quite the performer/entertainer. All in all, it made for a great time out.

Here are some shots I took from that night. Let me know what you think.





















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