Piano and Voice ft Atemi and Juliani.

by wamuyuk posted October 10, 2013 category Gigs and Events

Hi Guys!! I know it’s been a minute since I last blogged. Got lots to share, from weddings to family shoots but all in due time. Today I want to share my first attempt at shooting black and white aka monochrome. My inspiration was Paul Munene of Quaint Photography who does a lot of night time gigs in black and white and has, in my view, perfected it. Monochrome also lends a timeless feel to photos which I love.

So last week, Mwarv, Gina and I headed out for Piano and Voice at the Michael Joseph Centre and boy was that stage on fire. Kanji and Aaron are truly gifted. Also featured were Atemi, Webi, Chris Adwar from the Villagers Band  , Juliani and Kidum. I’m a sucker for live music so I was in heaven during the whole concert. All the pictures were taken with a Canon 60D and a 50mm f/1.8m lens which is great for  shooting in low lighting. One challenge I experienced though was the various video camera men. Trying to stay out their shots was not easy. (There were like five, all positioned in various places around the room). We all wanted to get great angles and at some point one wanted to throw something at me(I concluded this after I saw a couple of angry gestures directed at me). If he’s reading this… sorry mate!  Anyone who’s shot these gigs knows how frustrating it is when someone gets into your shot. Also a seated audience makes taking photos a little harder coz its very easy to get in their way as opposed to a gig where guys are standing or dancing. Its also very easy to distract from the main show. Especially is you are pretty with long flowy hair (I kid) but yes, it is quite the challenge not to get in the way. It’s also harder to sneak up to the stage to get shots, especially when shooting with a prime lens which requires you to use your feet as a the zoom feature. All in all it was a learning experience. I have to say I was not thrilled with the shots I took but after some time I kinda warmed up to them. I am used to shooting in colour so black and white was kinda new to me.

Long story short, here are the pics. I threw in a couple more than usual to make up for all the time I have been away :)

Please let me know what you think.

Piano and Voice-13



Piano and Voice-17





Piano and Voice-11



Piano and Voice-4




Piano and Voice-7





Piano and Voice-10







Piano and Voice-9







Piano and Voice-2



Piano and Voice-16



Piano and Voice-8





Piano and Voice-25



Piano and Voice-1



Piano and Voice-20



Piano and Voice-19



Piano and Voice-21



Piano and Voice-18


Piano and Voice-26



Piano and Voice-14



Piano and Voice-22



Piano and Voice-23



Piano and Voice-24





























22 Responses to Piano and Voice ft Atemi and Juliani.

  1. Lovely Images Wamuyu.

  2. WoW! you sure this your first time? :-) I love it. very expressive.

    p.s that’s an awesome logo you have there to.

  3. These photos are, in one word, SPLENDID!

  4. Very well done. More please.

  5. incredible ……words cannot properly describe photos

  6. BAM!!! Right On, Wamzy. Better and Better every time you snap. CLICK ON!

  7. I kept looking for the next piece when they were done..couldn’t get enough.They are amazing pieces of art…tell a story.Eagerly waiting for more photos.Keep it up :)

    • Thanks a lot for the encouragement!! Much appreciated.

  8. Good stuff!

  9. Hey,Wamuyu on point for those moments… :)

  10. Nice, clean and well done. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  11. Awesome awesome pics. Also, nice meeting you :) … but without your camera :(

    • Hey! It was great meeting you too. You cannot imagine how much I kicked myself for not carrying the camera. Will def have it with me next time.

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