Little Saints

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Proverbs 22:6  – “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Hey guys! :)

Today I’m doing a post that will feature a couple of cool kids I met yesterday.

My friend Njeri Ngige invited me to tag along for a shoot at a small pre-school that is run by a lady called Ruth. Located in a slum, the Little Saints Pre-School was set up to give basic education to pre-schoolers for a minimal fee. Ruth not only provides an education, but also runs a school feeding program to get more kids in school and have them stay in school.

I got a lot more out of the experience than I thought I would. It was a humbling experience. The school is just a single room that doubles up as a church over the weekends. The kids though…the kids are something else! They are so happy!  They have a sparkle in their eyes and such joy about them. They are oblivious of their circumstances and are busy being kids, full of life and energy. It was truly an honour to be have had a chance to visit them. We had gone there because Ruth had called us in to help her write her story and get funding to move the school somewhere bigger, get more furniture and supplies and support for the feeding programme. A newsletter will be published containing all the information about the school.

I’ve got to mention the one person who stood out for me. A girl called Akinyi. Akinyi is meant to be in class seven but her parents can’t afford to take her to school so she volunteers at the school and helps with the kids there. She is such a bright, friendly child and the younger kids love her. She is not shy at all, which I absolutely love about her. At one point she walked right up to me and asked me if she could have my bracelet.  Ruth is trying to raise funds to have her back in school as well.

If you’d like to get more information about Ruth, Akinyi and the school or would like to help please get in touch with me via email ( The school needs books (text, exercise and story books, stationery and school supplies and food (grains and cereals). Any assistance required would be greatly appreciated.

Now about the photos, most were taken on a 50mm f/1.8 and a Canon 40D. Let me know what you think.

little hearts-1



little saints-1



little hearts-2



little hearts-4



little hearts-5



little hearts-6



little hearts-7



little hearts-8



little hearts-9



little hearts-10



little hearts-11









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  1. Really sharp and rivetting photos. You used a 50 mm?

    • Thanks. Yes I did use a 50, though one was taken with a 24-105mm lens

  2. Very nice!

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