Gina and Mwarv

by wamuyuk posted December 2, 2013 category Engagement Shoots, Wedding

Hello  *Insert Megamind voice here*. He actually says it as ‘Olloo’. Don’t you just love his minions?

If you have not watched Megamind I do not know what you are doing with your life. Like seriously. I’ve watched it close to half a dozen time. That and Despicable Me, 1 & 2.

I’m having a cooky morning, so bear with me.

Anyway! Hi guys, hope you are keeping well. This post is all about love.

The couple featured are very special and dear to me because Mwarv, (you guys know him as Mwangi Kirubi) is my mentor. He is the reason I took up photography professionally and he not only taught me everything I know, he also kitted me out with the gear I needed to start out. He has encouraged me throughout and has given me an amazing head start in my young career. I will be eternally grateful to him.  Gina, his wife is just the best. She is a tonne of fun. She is bubbly and has such a happy spirit around her. Do I sound like I am a bit in love with them?. I think I am, just a little. They are such great role models and inspire me everyday.

So Gina and Mwarv asked me, along with Allan Gichigi, to schedule a post wedding shoot with them a couple of months ago.  We settled on Wednesday last week and crossed our fingers that mother nature would be in a good mood and she did not disappoint. We had the shoot at arboretum on a nice warm sunny afternoon. I had a terrific time. Gina and Mwarv were awesome. Even though Mwarv could not resist and took a couple of shots of his lovely wife.  It all went well until we had the gates closed with us still inside. We were let out eventually and went to Najmi fries in town and stuffed our faces with some of the best kebabs I’ve ever had. Happy times!!

Special thanks goes to Allan’s assistant Paul for strobing some of my shots for me.

Here are some of the shots I took. They were all taken on a Canon 7D and my constant companion, the 50mm f/1.4 lens. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Gina and Mwarv-1



Gina and Mwarv-2



Gina and Mwarv-3



Gina and Mwarv-4



Shot by Mwangi Kirubi

Shot by Mwangi Kirubi



Gina and Mwarv-6



Gina and Mwarv-7



Gina and Mwarv-8



Gina and Mwarv-9



Gina and Mwarv-10



Gina and Mwarv-11

12 Responses to Gina and Mwarv

  1. Beautiful couple. Beautiful pictures.

  2. I guess even photographers need love too…

  3. Hey Wamuyu Lovely Couple :-) and Love how you posed them.

  4. Beautiful work of Art. Congratulations Wamuyu, your photography is awesome, creative, defines love and joy in their marriage..

  5. great shots! i love your eye, very artistic….

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