Songs of Protest

by wamuyuk posted February 3, 2014 category Gigs and Events

Hey guys!!

First,  before I go into today’s blog post, I want you to know that I am having a Valentines Day Giveaway. Two couples get to walk away with a three hour photo shoot with yours truly. For details on how you can participate, please visit

So today’s blog post takes me back to my roots, event photography. Live Music gigs to be exact. Now everyone who knows me knows that I am live gig junkie. I feed off of the energy of the guys on stage and the audience. I love the atmosphere of a live gig and sometimes I get into this trance like state where for that moment in time its just pure bliss. This is the ultimate high for me. (Yes, Yes, I know, I am weird…but hey). I heard about this gig via the Nairobi Now site then later saw a bit off buzz about it on twitter. The line up featured some the best performers out there. Funny how free gigs always end up so epic. I was there promptly at 6pm. The gig was meant to start at 7 pm :). Now if I had not said it before, here it is. THIS GIG WAS EPIC!! Every act brought a different energy to the stage and I was right there with my trusty camera to capture the awesomeness that it was. Here are my favorite shots from the event. All the photos from the event can be found on my facebook page at Wamuyu Kiragu Photography


The stage was get.



The cameras were ready.




First up was Eric Wainaina. Hope you can find him in the photo




Makadem was up next




One of Makadem’s BGV’s (Background Vocalist’s)




Makadem’s Drummer. Everytime I catch this guy on camera, he is always smiling. Like here at All That Jazz




Next up was Sarabi. At every gig, there is always an act that captures my eye more than any other, simply because of how easy it is for them to display emotion as they perform. I have a ball capturing such moments. This time round, it was Sarabi’s lead vocalist. I do not know his name but my camera loved him!!







Loved the crossed fingers.







One of Sarabis’s band members. I just loved the blue



Up next was Just A Band. Just A Band fans would recognize that hat anywhere.




One the BGV’s Ms. Lisa Oduor. This girl can sing, look her up on YouTube.







This shot was just a shout out to BONK! I love their T-shirts




The nights final act was Juliani. This man needs no introduction.








Did you go for the gig? What were your highlights? Any shots you liked? Feedback as always is welcome.










4 Responses to Songs of Protest

  1. I was at the gig!! It was PACKED!!! Loved it! You’ve captured how awesome it was [If you were at the front :-) ]

    • Ala! How come I did not see you? Packed to the raffters. Thanks Bobby.

  2. Okay, those were cool photos.

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